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Veteran vocalist honoured

May 16, 2014 : Music Malladi Brothers rendered compositions in honour of their guru Nedunuri Krishna Murthy

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South Indian Cultural Association (SICA) held a function with twin purposes of felicitating renowned veteran vocalist Nedunuri Krishna Murthy and holding a vocal concert by Nedunuri’s disciples Malladi Sriram Prasad and Ravikumar. These events were held at Ravindra Bharati, last week in conjunction with Planjery Foundation, established in memory of Planjery Venkatachalam Iyer (1919-1993) by Shankar and Rajyalakshmi, his USA-based family members.

Venkatachalam Iyer was a Carnatic musician, who used to host festivals like Thyagaraja Utsavas in Nellore and Chennai. He also gave performances over Vijayawada station of AIR in Fifties. Now his family holds such events. In his address, Nedunuri said the honour would directly go to the memory of his guru Dr. Pinakapani whom he called ‘the greatest of great gurus’. “Dr. Pinakapani was an ocean of music and a stickler to tradition”, and then lamented that only a hundred and fifty compositions of Thyagaraja were currently in circulation. “For Thyagaraja his compositions and Lord Srirama were the same. Thyagaraja will live as long as this world survives”, he added. Malladi brothers Sriram Prasad and Ravikumar rendered compositions, mostly of Thygaraja, barring a couple of numbers. They were accompanied by M.A. Sunderasan on violin, Parupalli Phalgun on mridangam and P.V.Ramanamurthy on ghatam.

After presenting Vatapi in Hamsadhwani of Deekshitar with brief swarakalpana, they rendered Guruleka Yetuvanti in Gowrimanohari and Etla Dorikitivo Rama a rare number in Vasantha, both of Thyagaraja. Sriram Prasad delineated Vasantha, moving through three octaves. The kriti part had a neraval too. The swarakalpana by the brothers was vibrant. Ranganadhude in Sourashtra of Tanjavur Ponnaiah Pillai was a soothing presentation. Later they chose Annamacharya kirtana Paluvicharamulela in Shanmukhapriya, prefixing it with ragalapana. This was tuned by Nedunuri. They sang Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva of Thyagaraja in Bilahari, treating it as their main number, with extensive alapana innovative raga phrases in swarakalpana with excellent support provided by Sundaresan on violin. The duo also rendered Endaro in Sriragam on audience request. Bhadrachala Ramadasu kirtana in Poorvikalyani and a sloka Vyaso Naigama of Valajipeta Venkataramana Bhagavatar were the final numbers. It was a laudable concert.