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Ramabhadra Ra Ra!
Ramabhadra Ra Ra!
  • Ramabhadra Ra Ra!
  • Ramabhadra Ra Ra!

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Poems from Dasarathee Satakam

Presented By: Sangita Kalanidhi Nedunuri Krishna Murthy


01.     Kantinadeethatambu – Poem
02.     Darisanamayanu – Bouli – Chapu
03.     Kanakavisalachela  – Poem
04.     Ramabhadra Ra Ra  – Sankarabharanam – Adi
05.     Emitiki Dayaradu  –  Anandabhairavi – Adi
06.     Sriramaneeyahara  – Poem
07.     Ramakrishna Govinda  – Kalyani – Adi
08.     Ramaho Ramaho  – Kedaragoula – Chapu
09.     Pempanu Thallivai  – Poem
10.     Srida Sanandanaadi  – Poem
11.     Bhajaresreeramam  – Kedaram – Adi
12.     Kantinedu Maramula  – Nadanamakriya  – Khanda Chapu

Produced & Marketed by: Nedunuri Krishnamurthy

Malladi Brothers – Sreeram Prasad & Ravi Kumar K. Saraswathi Vidhyarthi, G. Sarada Subramanyam, K. Seshulatha, M. Padma

Narration by : Dr. Perala Balamurali Krishna M.D.



Ramabhadra Ra Ra! Oh Ramachandra, Come! Come!! What an affectionately endearing welcome! This is more a friendly dialogue than a devotee’s appeal to the Lord. This unique relationship, ‘SAKHYA BHAKTI’ is one of the ‘Nava Vidha Bhakti Margamulu’ (Nine paths of devotion). Bhakta Ramadasu (Kancherla Gopanna) lived between 1620-1680 AD. His ‘Dasarathee Satakam’ a string of 103 poems in pristine pure poetic metre is a priceless jewel among various Telugu Satakams. He also composed a little more than hundred songs, which are capsules of divine ambrosia couched in ‘the most sweetest’ Telugu idiom. Emanating eternal and ethereal fragrance, Ramadasa’s compositions are submissions to the Supreme with philosophic surrender. Dasarathee, Karunapayonidhee! Lord Rama is an ocean of compassion. Bhakta Ramadasu is an ocean of devotion. Sangita Jagatguru Sri Thyagaraja Swamy himself, placed Bhakta Ramdasu, on par with Narada, Prahlada and Parasara, the epitomes of unbound devotion. Ramadasa’s compositions and Dasarathee Sataka Poems flow in Nedunuri’s traditionally melodious voice, as soul cleansing divine fountains.

Sangita Kalanidhi’ Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, popularly known as ‘Nedunuri’ is a ‘SANGITA AMRITHA KALASAM’. Twin cascades of Bhakti and Karunyam emerge from his divine voice, as offerings to the Lord. The Nada Yogi Nedunuri performs ‘Nadabhishekam’ through his soulful renditions. He is the only musician from Andhra, so far, to perform consecutively for more than ‘half a century’ at the prestigious Madras Music Academy. At 77 Nedunuri still remains ‘the’ choice of connoisseur. Nedunuri is indeed a Living Legend.

Nedunuri’s deep involvement with Annnamacharya, Narayana Teertha, Bhakta Ramadasa and Rare Krithis of Thyagaraja is a unique boon to the world of classical carnatic music.

The present CD, in which ‘Sangita Kalanidhi’ Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy and his disciples present a few poems & compositons of Bhakta Ramadasu, is sponsored by Smt. Annapurna & Sri Mohan Jatavallabhula, (U.S.A) Contemporary music loving community and the posterity will ever be indebted to these philanthropists. May the Lord of Bhadradri Sri Sitaramula Varu bless these connoisseurs with good health, long life and musical bliss.